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About Us
The Pilot Club's main focus is on research, prevention, and treatment of brain related disorders, including trauma to the brain (stroke & injury), mental and emotional diseases. Pilot's principles of "Friendship and Service" are realized through:
  • Camaraderie with other executive and professional leaders and sharing ideas and experiences.
  • Belonging to the service club of choice, offering membership in an organization with human compassion as its basis, and fulfillment of human needs as its goal

As a Pilot you may not fly an airplane, but….

YOU WILL take off in a new and exciting direction

YOU WILL develop new and interesting friendships

YOU WILL network with other community leaders

YOU WILL improve your leadership skills

YOU WILL be lending your support to worthwhile causes

BUT….. Most of all……..

YOU WILL know that you have made a difference!

Are you new in the area? Interested in meeting new friends? Do you enjoy helping others? Then attend a Pilot meeting and learn of the many opportunities to develop new and interesting friendships, network with other community leaders, and improve leadership skills while truly making a difference. There are many benefits to being a member, and Pilots receive as much as they give.

The Pilot Club of Sayville meets the first Wednesday of every month for a Dinner/Business Meeting (there is a charge for dinner).

For additional information, please write to:


P.O. Box 642

Sayville NY 11782

Members of the Pilot Club of Sayville, through a "hands on" approach and financial support have benefited the following programs and organizations (among others):

  • Association for the Help of Retarded Children

  • Development Disabilities Institute

  • Sayville Food Pantry

  • KIC (Keep Islip Clean)

  • Local adult and nursing homes

  • Angela's House

  • Beacon House

  • The Leeway School

  • Project Lifesaver

  • Mary's House

  • Calverton National Cemetery

  • Distribution of CHAD (Children Have an Identity) Stickers

  • Breast Cancer Walk

  • Scleroderma Walk

  • Skills Unlimited

  • Multiple Sclerosis Walk

The Pilot Club of Sayville also sponsors the Anchor Club of Sayville High School. These young people receive invaluable training in citizenship and leadership through service to their school and their community. The Pilot Club of Sayville annually awards scholarships to an outstanding, graduating Anchor; to a Sayville High School graduating senior planning a career in teaching Special Education and to a Sayville High School graduating special needs senior.


Pilot Club of Sayville