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Kids Corner - The Seven Wonders of Sayville

The Seven Wonders of Sayville

The following stories were written by the 3rd grade students in Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry’s Class, Cherry Avenue Elementary. “The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs” by Betty G. Birney was the inspiration behind the story.

Jayna's Story
I think Sayville is a wonderful town with a lot of wonders but I am going to choose 7 that mean the most to me.[read more]

Gianna’s Story
The Chocolate Tier is a great place to get candy. Oh and in town there is a great salon it’s called Salon 36.[read more]
Barry's Story
I’ve lived in Sayville for almost four years. There are some really wonderful things that I like about this town [read more]
Mia's Story
The 7 Wonders of Sayville:
My first wonder of Sayville is Foster Avenue beach because I like to dig and build sandcastles in the sand. [read more]
Aidan's Story
I’d like to tell you about the 7 greatest places in Sayville ever made!
First, it’s Carvel. Their ice cream is so good you can taste it from the door. [read more]
Bailey's Story
I live in Sayville. It is a great place. There are many wonderful places to go but I have 7 of my own favorites. [read more]
Jake's Story
I think that Sayville’s beach is a wonder because sometimes I wonder how water was formed. [read more]
Luke's Story
There are many wonders in Sayville, but these are my favorites:
I like LaTavola because my dad works there.
[read more]
Liam's Story
Have you ever heard of the Seven Wonders of the World? Well, there are seven wonders in my town Sayville and I can prove it.[read more]
Matthew's Story
There are many things about Sayville: It is considered the friendliest town on Long Island. [read more]
Tara's Story
There are so many wonders in Sayville that it was hard to pick just seven but I narrowed it down to…[read more]

Caitlin's Story
Guess what? Have you ever been to Foster Ave. beach? It is the best beach in Sayville. It has a cool playground that me and my friends like to play on. [read more]

Brendan's Story
There are seven wonders of Sayville as far as I’m concerned. If you ever come to my town, these are places you should definitely visit. Let me tell you about them. [read more]
Michael's Story
Do you know about the Seven Wonders of the World?  Well, I will tell you about my Seven Wonders of Sayville. [read more]
Alexa's Story
Sayville is full of Wonders.  These are 7 of my favorites. My first Wonder is the Sayville Park. [read more]

Olivia's Story
Sayville is a wondrous place.  I have lots of Wonders to share about Sayville, so I’m going to prove it to you and tell you about my favorite 7 Wonders about Sayville. [read more]

Sami's Story
These are what I call the Seven Wonders of Sayville.  Listen up and maybe you’ll think so, too. [read more]
Sydney's Story
The first Wonder is the Park.  The Park is a place for kids to play and adult’s to relax. [read more]
Kevin's Story
I think the Seven Wonders in Sayville are: Gillette Park, because every time we have a Gray’s game at our home, we go there to practice. [read more]

Lauren's Story
My first Wonder is Doctor Augustin’s office, which is in Sayville.  He helped me, when I was born, to get to my next Wonder, which is on Colony Drive. [read more]

Nick's Story
Sayville has many wonders. 
First the Bay!  It has waves that swish gently.  When the weather is bad, the waves go crashing on the shore! 
[read more]


Submitted by:
Geraldine Batterberry 3rd grade teacher
Cherry Avenue School

Parental consent was obtained for publication.

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