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Kids Corner - The Seven Wonders of Sayville

Nick's Story > 21 of 21 Stories - more to come soon >The Seven Wonders of Sayville

The following story was written by one of the 3rd grade students in Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry’s Class, Cherry Avenue Elementary. “The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs” by Betty G. Birney was the inspiration behind the story.

Sayville has many wonders. 

First the Bay!  It has waves that swish gently.  When the weather is bad, the waves go crashing on the shore! 

Second there is the Brookside Preserve.  The blue jays are so nice there.  I love to see them soar around.  When they hear an eagle, they fly away, squawking. 

Third, are the trees.  People love to climb trees in Sayville.  The leaves change colors in the fall when they lose chlorophyll

Fourth, Sayville has the best parades.  They are colorful and fun! 

Next, there is Friendly’s, which has the best ice cream and the mozzarella sticks, yum! 

The fifth wonder of Sayville is the Fire Department.  They bring Santa down my street by my house on a fire truck and throw candy everywhere! 

My sixth wonder of Sayville is my house.  So cozy and warm.  It’s right in West Sayville! 

My last wonder is just the town!  Everyone loves Sayville.  That’s all folks. 

What are your seven wonders of Sayville?


Submitted by:
Geraldine Batterberry 3rd grade teacher
Cherry Avenue School

Parental consent was obtained for publication.

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