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Kids Corner - The Seven Wonders of Sayville

Jayna's Story > 1 of 21 Stories - more to come soon >The Seven Wonders of Sayville

The following story was written by one of the 3rd grade students in Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry’s Class, Cherry Avenue Elementary. “The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs” by Betty G. Birney was the inspiration behind the story.

I think Sayville is a wonderful town with a lot of wonders but I am going to choose 7 that mean the most to me. The first one would be my family, but most of all, my sister Jaden. Jaden is always there for me. Jaden is very funny, unique, happy and sweet.

My second wonder of Sayville would be the library. It’s big, beautiful, has good books and is very peaceful. How could anyone not like it there!

My 3rd wonder would be 21 Main. There are many other good restaurants in Sayville but 21 Main is the most special to me. We celebrated my birthday and my communion there! They have the best steaks and desserts. My favorite is their chocolate mousse pie.

My 4th wonder would be my street West Lane. It is a peninsula and is a dead end. It is very fun seeing the boats go by. Living by the water is very calming and cool. Every once in a while in the spring you see cute baby ducks and really pretty sunsets.

My 5th wonder of Sayville would be the Sayville beach. I like it there because we have family time together there. I also like the smooth sounds of the bay waves.

My 6th wonder of Sayville would be the West Sayville golf course. I go there a lot with my dad. It is a beautiful golf course and overlooks the bay.

My 7th wonder would be Papa Mias the Italian ice store. I like to go there with my family on hot summer days. They have the best ices in the world!

That’s my 7 Wonders of Sayville.

The End!!


Submitted by:
Geraldine Batterberry 3rd grade teacher
Cherry Avenue School

Parental consent was obtained for publication.

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