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Ginnie's View from the Gazebo
Moore Thoughts on the Day We Will Never Forget - September, 2011

This is not a New Years resolution - January 4, 2011

This is not a New Years resolution; this is simply what I had planned to do all along when I tentatively ventured into the world of facebook a few months ago. 

For way too long, my primary problems with fb were 1) I had no idea how to fb, 2) what to fb and 3) whether or not I even wanted/needed to fb

All very good and sound reasons not to take any action (frankly, I wish I had always made life and mundane decisions so properly).  Then one day my tonsorial guru, Duane, wanted to know why I wasn’t on facebook.  How did he know?  Was there something different about the hair of people who fb and those who don’t?  It doesn’t take much to pique my curiosity, so as he did what he does so well with my dyed locks, I did what I do so well – I asked questions … about fb & how in the world it could be of interest/benefit to me.

Duane began by telling me that he thought it would be a wonderful tool for me, as a writer.  Everything he said after that has faded from my memory.  I went on line, took a look at fb, saw that you needed to join and promptly switched to another screen. 

A few weeks later, I went back and ‘worked with it’, decided I wasn’t interested and played a game of Solitaire before signing off for the evening.  All the while, I kept hearing Duane say that as a writer, fb could prove to be a valuable tool.  Fine, but I had to figure out how.

One day I took the plunge, signed up and then proceeded to do nothing for quite the while – but at least I was on fb.  But, now I had fb ‘friends’ that I did not communicate with any more than I did in real life and that was beginning to grate on me.

My legit gig is writing for and in the course of my assignments I do my own photography.  For those of you who think I write way too much about way too little, you should see the number of photos I submit with each article.

My boss has had on fb for ages and she’s been uploading all my photos to it, while culling out a few to accompany my articles for the website.  At the end of each article you’re able to click on a link that takes you to the fb site and there you’ll see something like my 55 pictures of a local church silent auction.  Don’t laugh; it was a very successful silent auction!

Fb was a godsend to Alina (my boss), she no longer had to select a few pictures to run with my articles, she uploaded them all, put a few with the event and the rest were sent to live happily ever after in the ether, for all the ‘world’ to see and enjoy (frankly, I mean me. I love the fact that every pix I submit is now on line for each person, parent, grandparent and child to enjoy.)  It’s like I’m the ‘Andy Warhol prophet of Sayville’ – I’m enabling each Sayvillian to become world famous for fifteen minutes.  Kinda.

You’re wondering we’re I’m going or rather where I’ve taken you with this detour about, right?  Never fear, I’m still on point.

I eventually saw the practical application of this 21st century tool called facebook as I heard from people around the country, whom I did not know, but who read me on & fb, saw the pixs, and wanted to let me know how much they enjoyed reading about and seeing what their old hometown was up to.

I’ve concluded Duane was correct ~~ as a writer, facebook – specifically my own facebook site – could prove to be a very useful and advantageous means for me to expand and evolve my craft.  You may disagree, so please I will not take it personally if you never read, respond or rate my ramblings.  I’m in this for me and the experience of it.

Heartfelt thanks to Duane (of course he was one of my first fb friends) for presenting this idea and to my Sweet Face (Jes, my niece) for a very important personal facebook tutorial session.

In closing, as the decision to ramble on facebook was made over my Christmas vacation, my next ‘rambling’ will be about it.  If you’re into Amtrak, you’ll enjoy it.  If you’re not into Amtrak, you’ll adore it.


Ginnie Moore looks around Sayville and says to herself, “I don’t think it gets any better than this”. Ginnie Lives, Shops, and Loves Sayville.

Her email address is, and she always replies to the people who write to her. She is polite like that.

If you would like to become friends with Ginnie on facebook, click here

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